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Our Values, Vision and Mission

Our Values

Throughout our time in the recruitment industry, we have learnt that certain behaviours are highly valued by clients and candidates. We are totally committed to demonstrating these behaviours in the way we conduct our business:

1. Professional Ethics
We will demonstrate integrity through being fair, honest and confidential.
2. Customer Service
We will understand the needs of our customers and deliver to their expectations.
3. Achievement
We are committed to high performance and delivering results.
4. Teamwork
We will support each other to maximise effectiveness and build long term partnerships.
5. Balance
We will maintain a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives.
Our Vision
Verity HR is a successful, values driven consultancy preferred by clients for the services we provide.
Our Mission
We will achieve success through the provision of leading edge professional services, through creative solutions and quality processes designed for long term business partnerships.

Verity HR

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