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Repair & Maintenance Manager (Mining/Construction Company)

Job reference: VHR/RMM/11092017. Please quote this reference number when discussing this position with us.

  1. Lead, coordinate and control the preparation of the equipment maintenance program.
  2. To lead, coordinate and control the readiness of the entire instrument to be eligible to be operated.
  3. Creating and developing Repair and Maintenance procedures and ensures these procedures can be done well.
  4. Perform inspection of all units to identify the problem and determine preventive maintenance measures.
  5. Plan and oversee all activities of repair units and monitoring reports either daily or monthly. Periodic reports to BOD
  6. Control the supply unit. Assess the conditions for the mid-life, overhaul and plan for spare parts.
  7. Analyze "Cause and Effect" from the damage long-term and short-term in a way MTBR and MTBF.
  8. Coordinate with RM Manager in finding a solution to all the problems that occur in the field, so as to analyze and minimize down time.
  9. Make a plan for the supply of spare parts and consumables in a certain period.
  10. Make a monthly budget and monitoring the "Plan budget and actual cost" and analyze the cause when the actual budget is greater than the cost planning.
  11. Visits to the entire site periodically and evaluate performance, and presented to the BoD.
  12. Creating a program for continuous improvement (MA, PA and UA).


  • An Established Mining and Construction company in Indonesia.


1. S1 / S2 Mechanical Engineering

2. Experience in Repair and Maintenance Mining and construction of at least 10 years

3. Have an understanding of heavy equipment, machinery, eclectic and mechanics.

4. Have a strong leadership.

5. Understand inventory management.

6. Understand the maintenance of equipment.

7. Understand the principles of safety management systems and occupational health and environmental (SMK3L).

Salary and benefits:

  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Will be regularly site visit

Application: Applications for this position are due by 30 Sep 2017. Apply for this job or send by email

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