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Project Manager (Mining/Construction Company)

Job reference: VHR/PM/11092017. Please quote this reference number when discussing this position with us.

Job Description:

  1. Responsible for the entire implementation of the project from initial preparation to the delivery of the first phase of work (Provisional Hand Over / PHO) until Final Hand Over / FHO.
  2. To lead, coordinate and control the execution of the work to comply with the terms of the contract.
  3. Leading and coordinating the manufacture of regular reports daily, weekly and monthly to the central office (HO) concerning the development of the Project, the quality and costs and other constraints.
  4. Evaluate and ensure that the Actual vs Plan development project, whether daily, weekly or monthly in accordance with a predetermined schedule.
  5. Ensure that the implementation of the project in accordance with Project Budget Plan (RAP) and the Work Plan.
  6. Lead and coordinate the work that does not comply with the Technical Specifications (reject) and precautions.
  7. Apply to the head office (HO) use Supplier, Sub-Contractors, Consultants and Board of Examiners closely connected with the quality of job quality.
  8. Evaluate the entire reports prepared by each department and verified before being sent to the Central Office.
  9. Lead and motivate the entire staff in the project in order to work in accordance with the terms and in accordance with the duties and responsibilities of each.
  10. Documenting the entire administration and the evidence of administrative work and other support
  11. Lead weekly internal meetings.
  12. Attend routine and incidental meetings held by the project owner or agent.
  13. Coordinate the monthly manufacture certificate (MC) to be immediately processed by the consultant no later than 4 days after the cut-off period (every 25th of the current month).


  • Leading multinational engineering company in Indonesia


1. S1 Civil Engineering

2. Experience Road project with the same title minimum 7-10 years

3. Having a strong leadership soul.

4. Ability Microsoft Office Computer

5. Know and understand quality control, survey and reporting system (administration technique)

6. Understand the principles of safety management systems and occupational health and environmental (SMK3L)

7. Having loyalty, integrity, good communication and discipline.

Salary and benefits:

  • Attractive salary package
  • Other benefits covered
  • Working on sites (Pekalongan), Central Java, Indonesia

Application: Applications for this position are due by 30 Sep 2017. Apply for this job or send by email

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